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The trousers can be opened at the hips with two zips to recover the lower limbs to their movement even with a brace | Paramedicalshop.com |



Description: WOMAN Overall-trousers in plush mesh of pure cotton, that can be opened by lateral zips (from the waist along the hips till the ankles). The zip terminals can be opened. Five plain colours are foreseen and it is possible to couple an always opened jacket with zip (Art.1017) with the same colours. This model is not only ideal for long periods in bed, where it is necessary to intervene with physiotherapy practices but also to make the body cleaning operations easy. It is a functional model in case of patients with heavy body weight, as it involves minor physical effort by the operator to develop his/her activity, in particular to have access to the lower limbs in presence of rehabilitative aids. A variable of this model is the one foreseen by the Art.1015 in which there is a zip placed in the internal part of the legs (from ankle to ankle) whose terminal can be opened. Of this last model there is a further version with internal pocket placed on the bottom of one of the two legs, where it is possible to insert a liquid drainage bag (Art.1019). Material: Plush – mesh 100% cotton.


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