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Pajama suit useful for totally bedridden patients who need to be dressed and cleaned with minimal caregiver effort | |



Description: MAN one-piece pyjamas-overall in plush mesh of pure cotton, with zips of variable lengths placed in the internal parts of the legs from ankle to ankle and laterally from the cuffs of the sleeves along the hips till the ankles. The zip terminals can be opened. Besides around the neck there is a zip of about 20 cm. useful to make the dressing of the article easy. This model is not only ideal for long periods in bed, where it is necessary to intervene with physiotherapy practices but also to make the health operator's work in carrying out the changes of the diaper or body cleaning easy. It is a functional model in case of patients with heavy body weight, as it involves minor physical effort by the operator to develop his/her activity, in particular to have access to the lower limbs in presence of rehabilitative aids. On the other hand the use of this model with respect to the one with the zip placed on the back Art.1003 and Art.1004 and their variable) involves a concrete evaluation by the operator of the patient's behaviours. If the patient finds the cursor, as it is easy reachable without great efforts, there is not anymore the functionality of the product that has as primary aim the impossibility to undress and to "handle" the diaper. We used purposely plain, delicate, pleasant fantasies and colours giving to the patient and his/her family members a little bit joy and dignity. We would like to point out that the choice of the article more suitable to the situation of period in bed must be always correlated to the effective patient's behaviour, so the above-mentioned situations are always to be considered useful according to the indications of the health operators. The variables we proposed are so to be meant necessary only if there are really the above- mentioned situations. Material: Plush – mesh 100% cotton.


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