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Description: WOMAN one-piece pyjamas-overall in shuttle-woven fabric of pure cotton, with zip of variable length (100/140 cm) placed on the back that can be opened till the abdominal part at the height of the navel. As the cursor is placed on the high back part, it is impossible for the patient the arbitrary opening of the pyjamas-overall and so to undress and to “handle” the diaper. It is a condition taking place often in presence of pathologies such as alzheimer or neurodegenerative pathologies caused by the ictus. This material is not only ideal for autumn-winter or for people suffering of cold but it has also the characteristic of resistance to the "tractions " and lacerations of the fabric that the patients sometimes cause to their worn articles. Thanks to the fabric strength it has perfect washing results. Possible resolution modifications to the basic article for some problems signalled to us during the time by the health operators are foreseen. In case the patient tends to provoke skin lacerations with abrasions caused by the hands there is a version of this article with final “gloves”, article Art.1001-M-Special. In case the patient tries the access to the diaper through the hem of the pyjamas-overall legs, there is a version in which two “feet” in pure cotton preventing possible fabric rollings up along the lower limbs are inserted.The article gets the code Art.1001-P-Special. If a unique solution is necessary for both the problems (so with final “gloves” and “feet”) the article gets the code Art.1001-MP-Special. We would like to point out that the choice of the article more suitable to the situation of period in bed must be always correlated to the effective patient’s behaviour, so the above-mentioned situations are always to be considered useful according to the indications of the health operators. The variables we proposed are so to be meant necessary only if there are really the above-mentioned situations. Material: Flannel – 100% cotton.


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