Pajamas for disabled elderly with back zipper code 1042


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It is an innovative one-piece pyjama with a diagonal zip in which the garment is opened completely and the slider does not cause discomfort at the neck | |



Description: MAN one–piece pyjamas–overall in jersey mesh of pure cotton, with zip of variable length (155/195 cm) positioned with the heel opening and, by passing first along the leg and then the back, it reaches the clavicle opposite the starting point. The construction of this model was created to avoid as much as possible the problem of the bedsores that the zip cursor placed in the middle of the back at the spine height present in other articles belonging to this product range dedicated to the long period in bed could create. In this model the cursor reaches, on the contrary, the front part of the pyjamas-overall, "passing over" the shoulder and, also in the case of arbitrary manipulation by the patient, the cursor would not go over the high part of the back, by making its traction down and the consequent opening impossible. It will be so impossible for the patient to undress and to "handle" the diaper. It is a condition taking place often in presence of pathologies such as Alzheimer or neurodegenerative pathologies caused by the ictus. Besides with this model, by placing the patient on a side it is possible also for an only one operator the replacement of the diaper without undressing completely the person. The fabric used in this model is ideal for spring – summer. With analogous characteristics of the Art.1042 a version with a heavier fabric (interlock mesh) of pure cotton is foreseen, and it gets the code Art.1043.We used purposely plain, delicate, pleasant fantasies and colours giving to the patient and his/her family members a little bit joy and dignity. We would like to point out that the choice of the article more suitable to the situation of period in bed must be always correlated to the effective patient's behaviour, so the above- mentioned situations are always to be considered useful according to the indications of the health operators. Material: Jersey – mesh 100% cotton. 


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